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We photographers often have very similar goals but how we get to those goals varies so much from business to business and person to person. This is one of my favorite parts about business! Everyone does something a little different. 

How most of us learn is by talking with photographer friends and experimenting with different approaches until we find something that works for us. That’s exactly how FPP is formatted! 

For the topic of the month, guests will share their perspective and how they approach the topic. Take marketing for example. Some photographers swear by Instagram while others prefer FB ads. Another group of photographers spend all their time and effort on SEO and yet others focus on building a natural network of word of mouth referrals!

Stay turned for updates and the launch of the Focused Photographers podcast coming to everywhere you listen to your podcasts!

Listen to the most recent episodes below!

006: Creativity from Street Photography with Dan Morris

Episode 006: Creativity from Street Photography with Dan Morris EPISODE SUMMARY Dan Morris is a laid-back UK-based wedding photographer who completely changed course several years into his photography career. He says “I forget everything I knew about wedding photography,” and went into a completely different direction towards a more documentary approach. Listen as Dan shares about how he fell into wedding photography after he realized that his current job was a dead end. We talk about awards in the photography industry, the tremendous responsibility we have as wedding photographers, how to tell a story with a photograph through layering, documentary photographers we both draw inspiration from, and

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005: Creativity in the Unscripted with Chuck Anerino

Episode 005: Creativity in the Unscripted with Chuck Anerino EPISODE SUMMARY Chuck Anerino is a wedding photographer with deeps photojournalistic roots based out Delaware. He got his start in photography “later” in life through blending his love for family and his passion for photography. When you view Chuck’s photographs, surely there’s attention to light and composition, but what’s immediately apparent to me is the instinctual connection one has as the viewer to the subjects in the frame. Chuck’s role as a third-party observer who minimally influences the events of the day, if at all. Many photographers may be tempted to think of the camera as

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004: Creativity through Preparation with Tony Hoffer

Episode 004: Creativity through Preparation with Tony Hoffer EPISODE SUMMARY Tony Hoffer is a photographer I’ve been following for a very long time. I remember finding his work when I was just starting out and being BLOWN AWAY by the photographs I saw. We’re both located outside of Philadelphia and what was even more awe-inspiring for me was because so many of his photographs were at the same venues I was photographing at but he saw them in such a different way. He and his wife Amy are known for churning out incredibly work over and over again. Seriously go

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003: Creativity through Simplicity with Citlalli Rico

Episode 003: Creativity through Simplicity with Citlalli Rico EPISODE SUMMARY Citlalli Rico is a Mexican wedding photographer who specializes in observing and capturing real, intimate moments and creative natural portraits. Her and her sister Tamara work have photographed over 700 weddings all over Mexico. As a speaker and educator, Citlalli has been invited to speak in the USA, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, and France! I first saw Citlalli speak at Mystic Seminars way back in 2013-2014 and I credit her with redirecting where my photography towards documentary and where I am now with her commentary on the story behind this one photograph below. This type of lighting

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002: Creativity through Practice with Daniel Moyer

Episode 002: Creativity through Practice with Daniel Moyer EPISODE SUMMARY In this Episode, I’m launching the first monthly topic: Creativity! Listen along as we get into how creativity ended up being the first topic released, some of my backstory and what so many photographers do when they’re just starting out that could end up hurting them in the long run. I cover how I stopped doing a disservice to myself, got out of the affirmation trap, and the photography books that helped fuel my creativity drive! This month on creativity has a bunch of AMAZING guests but more than just

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001: Welcome to the Focused Photographers Podcast!

Episode 001: Welcome to the Focused Photographers Podcast! Hey! I’m Dan Moyer and welcome to the first episode of the Focused Photographers Podcast! There are so many amazing episodes coming your with with guests like Tony Hoffer, Miles Witt Boyer, Amber Leach, Dan Morris, and many more! Those are just the guests who I’ve already recorded episodes with as of early 2021.   With so many amazing photography podcasts to choose from, why is this podcast here, how is it different, and most important, what are YOU going to get from it? In this episode I’ll cover the unique format of this

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