The Focused Photographers Podcast is lauching Spring 2021!

We as photographers often have very similar goals. But how we get to those goals varies so much from business to business and even person to person. This is one of my favorite parts about business! Everyone does something a little different. 

How most of us learn is by talking with photographer friends and taking in multiple approaches on a given topic. That’s exactly how FPP is formatted! For the topic of the month, guests will share their perspective and how they approach the topic. Take marketing for example. Some photographers swear by Instagram while others prefer FB ads. Another group of photographers spend all their time and effort on SEO and yet others focus on building a natural network of word of mouth referrals!

This is why I absolutely psyched to announce the launch of the Focused Photographers Podcast! FPP is a brand new educational podcast for photographers covering the topics that you want to want from a variety of perspectives.


Stay turned for updates and the launch of the Focused Photographers podcast coming to everywhere you listen to your podcasts!

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